Burglary Prevention Tips

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is a burglary. We all want to work to prevent any strangers coming into our homes and stealing our possessions. We want to avoid anyone coming in and harming our family. That is the worst case scenario. The best way to do this is to prepare your home for any possible situation. Preparation is key to prevent being a victim. Read on for some great tips to keep your home safe from any harmful situations.

The key to preventing a burglary is to make a burglar want to stay away from your home. Burglars prefer houses that are not going to require much effort or skill to enter. They also typically go towards either the garage or back doors, as the path to them has the most opportunity to hide or move in a sneaky fashion. Ensure that your cars are always locked, even when in the garage, as burglars know to look inside your car for keys and valuables.

You should guarantee that all exterior doors use a high-quality deadbolt lock. This will prevent the usage of channel-lock pliers as well as slipping with a credit card. Purchasing a door guard alarm is another great option, as it utilizes integrated sensitivity settings to prevent anyone from breaking in.

An easy way to make certain that windows cannot be pushed open is with the use of our Mace-Window Jammer. This tool is an inexpensive way to keep intruders from opening windows or sliding doors wide enough to gain entrance. It is also a great way to make sure children are unable to open them past your chosen point.

Burglars typically want to be unknown to others when entering homes. If they know that you are aware they are there, they may choose to escape before being caught. Using a driveway patrol sensor is a great way to know if anyone unwanted is trying to get in. This motion-detecting sensor unit sends a signal to the receiver indoors, which then sounds out an alert.

Alarms are a great way to prevent burglaries as it provides an immediate obstacle to anyone trying to break in. An alarm registered with an external company is especially effective as it automatically calls the local police to your home. If you do not have an alarm system, it is highly recommended to purchase a wireless one. Our Pepper Alarm is a great option as it provides immediate protection. When activated, the device instantly releases pepper spray into the air of the protected area. This causes any intruders to flee as soon as they step in the door.

An easy way to keep your home safe is simply to be a good neighbor. Keep friendly with those immediately next to you and across the street. Establishing trust with one another is a great way to live in a safer neighborhood. Offer to watch over their home while they are away, and they will typically reciprocate. Even more important, they will be able to report any suspicious activity if you are away or not home.

Once trust has been established, ask a neighbor to keep a spare key to your home for you. This is a much better option than keeping one hidden by the door. Burglars know all hiding spots and often look here first.

The key to keeping a safe home for you and your family is to prepare yourself. Check out our home security section on our Self Defense website for any products you need to keep safe from burglaries.

Self Defense Tips Every Child Should Know

Every parent’s number one priority is to keep their children safe. We teach our kids to never talk to strangers and stay close by when out in public. Yet as much as we try to keep them safe, we always have to consider that there are millions out there who we do not trust. Because of this, we want to make sure that in the worst case scenario our kids know what to do. The key to being prepared is educating them beforehand. Being prepared prevents you from being a victim.



The first step in getting out of trouble is to recognize there is trouble in the first place. It is necessary that children understand that there are good and bad people in this world. They will then be able to understand that staying away from the bad people is what they are supposed to do. Teach them that once trouble is detected, they want to immediately head to a safe area. This could be as easy as crossing to the other side of the street.

The best way to recognize something is wrong is to stay aware of your surroundings. Always check to ensure that no one is following you by occasionally looking behind. Work with your child to get him or her used to using eye contact. Attackers often avoid going for victims who have obviously seen them, as it takes away the element of surprise.


Unless your child is involved in martial arts and feels confident in putting up a fight, it is a good idea to teach them to run away the moment they sense something is wrong. It is ideal to leave the situation before it escalates. This will often allow them to avoid many uncomfortable circumstances.


If your child does find himself or herself in a dangerous situation, it is necessary to make it obvious to anyone who is around. Screaming “Help!” is an easy tip that any child can remember. If they are being grabbed, yelling “You are not my mom/dad!” is another phrase that will easily garner attention. The key here is to call as much attention to the situation as possible. Attackers are searching for easy victims and often think children provide that.


Teach your child that he or she should always know where the closest exit is. Get them used to this habit by asking them where the exits are when entering a new restaurant, store or mall. Furthermore, if help is needed, guide them to ask another mother. Teach them that other moms are the best option for help if theirs is not there. Moms with children are generally safer options for your child to seek assistance from.


The best way to avoid being a victim is to be prepared. Besides teaching your child these tips, enroll them in a self-defense class. Sports like jiu jitsu, krav maga and akido are all excellent martial arts that teach kids self-defense. Besides offering your child an exercise outlet, these sports teach your child discipline and gives them the confidence needed to defend themselves. For your daughters, the best thing you can do for them is to teach them to feel confident defending themselves.

The world can be a scary place. Making sure that your child feels safe and confident when you are not around is essential. Check out our great selection of self-defense accessories available at selfdefensesuperstore.com to prepare you and your child from any uncomfortable situations.

Products To Defend Yourself Against Looters

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there were 2,682 complaints to the New Orleans Police Department concerning lost or stolen goods. In most situations, natural disasters bring out the absolute best in people. Neighbor helps neighbor, and the entire community bonds together to assist one another.

Unfortunately, it also brings out the worst in some people. The authorities in Houston have recently had to clamp down on would-be looters in order to prevent an already bad situation from getting worse. After a natural disaster, some people, armed or not, go from house to house and business to business taking whatever they may find.

After a hurricane, tornado, or other disaster hits, you do not want to be deprived of even more of your possessions. As part of our dedication to you, the Self Defense Super Store has prepared a list of items you may need to defend yourself and your home from looters. These are all non-lethal. Most looters just want your belongings, not your life, so items designed to incapacitate, and not kill, are the optimal route to go.

When you need to keep the bad guys at a distance, this is self-protection gun for you. Not only will this shoot pepper spray at a distance up to 20 feet, but the gun is equipped with an LED strobe light which flashes and disorients an attacker. The stream of pepper spray is incredibly accurate, and will debilitate any looter from a safe distance.

We recommend this if there are multiple people which you need to care for. Four individual pepper sprays come in hard molded plastic with a key ring, making this convenient to carry around. These have a half ounce of some of the hottest pepper spray on the market. The twist lock means that it is safer than many alternatives. When you need to defend yourself and your things from looters, this is a must-have. Best of all, they are on sale.

This baton has proven to be virtually indestructible. In an emergency situation, there is no room for second best. When you need to bring a lot of force to bear very quickly, this baton will help. You can easily carry this, meaning that it is readily at hand whenever the situation calls for self-defense. Even if you just need a psychological deterrent, you need this. This is on sale now.

When this alarm is activated, burning pepper spray is released into the air. You do not even have to be on site to defend your home. This alarm is compact and discreet, so looters will never see what hit them. In addition, there is a warning light. If this does not send intruders scrambling towards the door, nothing will. You can arm and disarm this remotely, so you may let someone enter when it is time. It runs on batteries, so when the power goes out, your home will still be protected.

This device is concealable, and packs a punch. The strong electric current of the stun gun will incapacitate any looter. You can charge this device, meaning that you can always have it ready. The safety features prevent accidental discharge, and you can quickly deploy this against any intruder. In addition, you can now purchase it at a discount.

Smith and Wesson is one of the most trusted names in self-defense, and now there is a non-lethal alternative. The aluminum casing guarantees strength and balance, and the powerful LED powered light will come in handy when the power goes out. The point at the other end has multiple uses: you can break glass with it, or defend yourself should you need to. This penlight’s small size means that it is portable, and you can sleep beside it without issue. Batteries are included, plus it is more affordable now.

If you have any questions about self-defense, contact the experts at the Self Defense Super Store.