4 Self Defense Tips for Women

The world today can be a scary place for a woman. Walking home alone at night can feel risky, even in a good neighborhood. Women have enough to worry about in their everyday lives; their own safety should not be one of those things. Being able to defend yourself, even if it is just to the extent of being able to run away, is vital. Read below for some basic self-defense tips that every woman should know.

Many women carry it, but leave it at the bottom of their purse. This is deemed essentially useless, as it is very rare that you will have the chance to grab it out of your bag. It is recommended to keep a key chain of pepper spray on your car keys. This is great if there happens to be an assailant harassing you as you are trying to get into your car. Your car keys also tend to be towards the top of your bag for easy access, meaning that the pepper spray will be as well.

If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of being attacked, yell very loudly. This may sound obvious, but many times you become paralyzed with fear and forget to yell. Most assailants want easy targets that will not put up a fight. Yelling brings attention to the situation, which will make many attackers run away in fear of getting caught.

If someone threatens you for your belongings, throw it far away from you to the ground. The key here is to throw it as far as possible. Creating this distance between you and the purse will allow you the extra time to run away. Most likely, the assailant is after your belongings and not you, so he will run towards the bag and give you the chance to run.

Kicking any man in the crotch, hard, will automatically debilitate him. This will offer you time to run away. If given the chance, the eyes are great targets as well. Ideally, if you have keys or any object in your hand, gouging them directly into the eye sockets will incapacitate him enough to escape. Any sort of defense against the attacker is effective. It is unattractive, and the offender is likely to give up.

If you are ever in the unfortunate situation where you come into contact with an attacker, the key to survival is to make a scene and run away. Remaining calm and remembering these tips is essential to coming out safely. Most attackers are after your personal belongings. Do not risk your own life by trying to save material objects. Cell phones and wallets are replaceable; your life is not.

Taking preventative measures is also ideal. Sign up for a self-defense class at your local gym—many offer them specifically to women. Also, do not forget to pick up your pepper spray, tasers and all of the equipment for your self-defense needs at Self Defense Superstore.

Advantages And Benefits of Tactical Flashlights

Many people are surprised to know how much a tactical flashlight can do for them in terms of self-defense. It can prove useful in a variety of areas and give you an upper hand in situations when you need it most.

Although a flashlight isn’t a weapon, and is certainly less lethal than all the other tools for self-defense, it can still be useful in aiding in your self-protection should an unwanted occasion present itself.

Here are few of the overlooked advantages and benefits of tactical flashlights.

Without a flashlight, assailants have the shadows as an ally and can strike or sneak up on you without a moment’s notice. Whether they have a knife, gun, or closed fist is entirely at their discretion. This not a risk you want to take. A tactical flashlight is a military grade flashlight that is smaller than regular ones, but emits much more light.

A tactical flashlight can prove invaluable in terms of helping to identify threats, especially in low light areas where a normal flashlight may not have the needed intensity. A normal flashlight will also do next to nothing when beamed into the face of an assailant, but get one of these tactical LEDs in their eyes and you’ve got 120+ lumens pulsating through their pupils to produce a blinding effect.

Some of these lights can also have a strobe effect that can create significant orientation to the sight and senses of an attacker.

Did you know that tactical flashlights can be confiscated by the TSA as they deem them to be striking weapons? They can strike, hard. Tactical flashlights serve the purpose of self-defense in two ways. They can be used as a blunt object or they can enhance the use of other weapons.

This is made so that they can break windows and perform other tasks where force is needed. It can also be used to clock an assailant across the head. They are used to help someone see with a knife or a hand gun in a low-light area, in addition.

Take for instance a situation where the power or lights go out and there is an active shooter or knife-wielding attacker in the room. This can certainly prove advantageous for you and help protect you as well as others.

Tactical flashlights can also provide utility and safety when you’re out in the wilderness. This could prove very useful when camping or boating as a tactical flashlight can help you find shelter, and ward off animals that may prey in the dark.

They can be used especially in hard to reach areas such as behind trees, bushes, or even a TV setup at home.

There are more advantages to having a tactical flashlight in your inventory. The main advantage to having one is that it makes any environment favorable to you.

Whether in danger, desperation, or in defense of one’s life, a tactical flashlight can make a world of difference in facing whatever the world may throw your way.

If you are looking for a Smith and Wesson Tactical Flashlight, check out our Self Defense Superstore.

Must Have Self Defense Items For People Who Work Late

There were an estimated 1.2 million violent crimes committed last year in the United States. Over 64% of these violent crimes were assault-based. Robbery rates increased 1.2% from 2015. All of these statistics were compiled by the FBI.

We could go on about these statistics, but the lesson is clear – it’s a smart idea to protect yourself.

This becomes especially true if you work late. Walking to your car in an isolated parking garage, leaving the office after everyone else is gone, taking a shortcut through a bad part of town all leave your vulnerable to crime. You don’t want to be left unprotected in these situations.

This is exactly why we’ve put together this list of must have self defense items for people who work late. Check out the top five items below and don’t forget to take a look at our self defense resource guides for practical tips to stay safe!

The first self defense item you want to have if you work late is also the simplest. Keeping a flashlight with you for the long walk home will quite literally shed light on would be attackers.

There are a lot of different types of flashlights, from LED to tactical to penlights and beyond. There’s even a lot of crossover between these types – an LED penlight, for example. There are also reflective flashlights more geared towards protecting yourself while biking or jogging.

The type of flashlight you choose largely depends on your personal preference. You may feel safer with a heavy duty tactical light. You may want something a bit more practical, like a mini keychain light.

Regardless of personal preference, you’ll definitely want to keep a flashlight handy.

Whether you call them tasers, stun guns, jolt sticks, or something else entirely, keeping one with you at night is a smart choice.

Your choice of stun gun depends on how much room you have to carry it. Some, like stun batons, are large and bulky. They’re perfect for striking fear into a potential attacker, but a bit unwieldy to keep tucked in a purse or briefcase.

Luckily, there are a ton of smaller options that still pack a serious punch. There are mini stun guns that fit in a pack of cigarettes and perfume cases that carry over 3 million volts of power.

There are countless other options, all of which are designed with one goal in mind – your safety.

Pepper spray is one of our personal favorites and none are better than Heatwave Pepper Spray.

Heatwave is a type of high octane self defense spray. While many sprays top out at around 15% OC (the stuff that stops attackers in their tracks), Heatwave boasts 23% total OC. Even better, it’s a mixture of red and black pepper. Think of it as a one-two self defense punch.

Heatwave has a range of between eight and fifteen feet, so you don’t have to let a mugger in close. Just point, spray, and you’ll be home safe in no time.

You probably aren’t thinking first aid and self defense in the same sentence. You should be. Remember that old saying “the best offense is a strong defense?” You can’t get much stronger than carrying a first aid kit with you at night.

Not all first aid kits are created equal, though. You’re going to want a kit that has a number of different dimensions bandages, sterile gauze pads, adhesive bandages and tape, antiseptic soap or pads, alcohol pads, scissors, tweezers, gloves, cotton swabs, and cold compresses. The AAA Premium Kit comes to mind.

The Personal Protection Pack is your go-to choice if you want a little of multiple products mentioned above. We’re talking about pepper spray, self defense key chains, and batons. That means you are completely protected.

Taser Gun Safety For Your Family

Taser guns have risen in popularity as a solution for home safety through less-lethal means. They are employed in over 100 countries and in the hands of millions of law enforcement officials around the world.

By and large, they are considered a much safer option than having a gun in the house. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous. The improper practice and misuse of taser guns could lead to wrongful death as well as an escalation of a violent situation you were trying to suppress.

To ensure the proper protection of your family, here are the following practices you should incorporate when owning a taser at home.

It’s important to know that your taser is in working shape. Unlike a stun gun, which must be applied directly within arm’s reach, a taser fires two probe barbs that are connected by wires.

It’s important to test your product with a simple spark test to see if your gun is at its peak performance. This works by removing the cartridge of the taser and then proceeding to activate it.

Make sure you can carry a taser within your state. While the law does not consider them to be firearms, citizens can only own them within 46 states. Here are the places that prohibit home use:

Hawaii has made owning a Taser for personal use a misdemeanor violation.

Massachusetts has outlawed all electrical weapons, making the sale or possession punishable by fine or prison.

New York has made possession a Class A misdemeanor. It is a Class D felony if the owner has a previous conviction.

Rhode Island has made it illegal to possess, carry, or conceal a taser with a punishment of $1,000 or imprisonment for less than a year.

There are other legal situations to consider, such as certain states requiring a conceal and carry license.

Not being properly trained on the usage of a taser could lead to danger for both you and the target you’re attempting to subdue. It’s essential that you take some form of proper training regarding the use of your taser gun.

You should be well-versed in understanding the maximum shooting range as well as the ideal distance for your shooting range. Keep in mind that the way the needles travel is critical to ensuring your safety in an emergency. You should also know where to aim the taser so that you can protect yourself without causing any accidents in terms of missing the target or using excessive force.

In the event of a home intrusion or another emergency involving you and your family being attacked, the best practice is to first call the police. Immediately. Do not make any attempt to escalate a situation before doing so.

It’s critical to lay out an escape plan with your family and understanding where the most ideal places to hide from an attacker are. It’s ideal to avoid the confrontation as much as possible. Especially where visibility is limited, such as a dark room, the intruders could confuse your taser for a gun and fire upon you. You do not know if the intruder will run away because they are unarmed or attack you. These events are entirely unpredictable.

To get the best results for your taser and protecting your family, it’s critical to consult with the seller about getting training and learning how to safely own and operate your taser gun. Without understanding how to test your taser gun, what the legal ramifications of having one may be, or how they work you are putting yourself at risk. With the proper training a taser can make a significant impact protecting your family in emergency situations.

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