Your Home Safety Plan and Checklist

There are an estimated 3.7 million burglaries every single year. For many people, their home represents safety and tranquility. It is hard to imagine someone forcefully entering your home with bad intentions. You should know that it happens every single day.

Self Defense Superstore can help you out. We offer the finest home security products, but that is only the start. You need to have a plan in place for when the worst happens. A little bit of planning can go a long way.


Before you begin to formulate a plan, it is a good idea to consider your home’s drawbacks. Can someone see valuable electronics from the window? Is the door sturdy and difficult to open? Are bikes safely in a closed garage, or are they out on the street? Would I know someone has entered the house as soon as they stepped in?

If you have spotted any vulnerabilities, it is a good idea to shore them up. A compromised window may need a window alert system, and a door that just won’t stay locked may require a jammer. A roommate or a family member can provide another set of eyes to check for weak spots. You might want to ask them to help.


Your plan should include preventative measures. For example, you can establish who will be checking the doors and windows every night before bed to make sure that they are locked. You and your family should also know who is responsible for setting any alarms before leaving the house.

During a break-in, it is absolutely critical that you have the ability to call 911. Everyone should know where they can locate a phone, and how to dial 911. Cell phones should be kept charged. If you can, try to leave your phone in a single place (and make everyone aware of that fact) so that it can be quickly reached in an emergency.

Someone is at home for around 28% of all burglaries. If someone breaks into your house while you are at home, there is a very simple pattern that you should follow: escape, hide, fight. If the coast is clear, use your phone to contact authorities.

The primary choice should always be to escape. You should go through every room in your house and form a plan on how to get out. Windows, screen doors, and regular doors should be noted. If there are children in the house, you may find it worthy to show them a diagram, with color coded directions on how to get out of the house safely. Many kids are visual learners, so easy-to-follow directions on a map are more effective. You should also establish a meetup point, preferably down the street or at an easily recognizable location, so you have a place to congregate once you have left the house.

The second choice is to hide. If you can’t get out through a window because you are on the fifth floor, or only have one way to enter and exit your house, you are going to want to conceal yourself. Look for closets or bathrooms with locks. If those places do not have locks, learn how to form a barricade from the inside. Heavy objects are very useful in this regard.

The last alternative is to fight. There are many non-lethal alternatives, such as Heatwave Pepper Spray, TASERs, and stun batons. Everyone in the home should be well-versed on the use of these items, to make certain that you do not hurt yourselves. Remember that this is the last option. Most home burglaries do not end with anyone being injured. In fact, only 7.2% of all burglaries have violence involved.


Are all doors and windows secured every night and before leaving the house?
How easy is it to call 911?
Are doors and windows reinforced?
What is the lighting situation like?
Can I store my valuable items in diversion safes?
Do I know the easiest routes of escape?
Does everyone know where to meet after everyone has escaped?
Do I know where to hide in every room of my house?
Am I prepared to fight a burglar?
At Self Defense Superstore, we want to help you out. Check out our Self Defense Blog for more self defense resources, and browse our products for the latest in defense equipment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What To Do If You Valentines Date Gets Dangerous

Nearly 25 percent of all women aged 18 and older in the U.S. have been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner. Although the dating world is an important part of may young women’s daily lives, it is just as important to know how to defend yourself when things get out of hand.

Whether it’s a date gone wrong or a current partner that’s becoming abusive, having a self-defense accessory will always help. At times, it can even save your life.

Below you’ll find the best tips for keeping safe, especially on Valentine’s Day!


Say you find a good-looking guy on Tinder, who made it to the top of your list. He invites you to get some drinks, and you start really enjoying your time with him…until he starts to get aggressive and impatient.

When walking to his car so he can drop you off home, he starts making advances that are not welcome. In this situation, you need to know how to react so that you are safe. Let us help you out a little bit.


We care about your safety. This is why on this Valentine’s Day, we’ve made a special package for you. We’ve created the ultimate 4-piece protection pack, that will help you with all of your safety needs.

The perfume protector looks like a perfume bottle, yet is specially designed to be discrete and all but invisible to the eye of the perpetrator. It is fully rechargeable, and carries enough power to fully protect you from your attacker.

The Duel Smith Alarm is a must-have for your protection. Just as important as carrying that pepper spray in your purse, this alarm will alert others that you are in a dangerous situation. This alarm is not only small and convenient, but can be easily pressed and immediately bring attention to your situation. Of course, you can attach it straight to your other keychains, and it will fit right in.

Always having a Wild Cat Keychain is critical to your safety. This keychain is low-key one of the most effective weapons out there. This defense weapon will provide a painful and shocking blow to your attacker, giving you a good window of time to escape. This keychain is very light-weight and highly resistant.

A heatwave pepper spray is always the go-to when it comes to self-defense. This heatwave OC-17 pepper spray offers one of the most potent concentrations of pepper spray allowed by law. In fact, these types of sprays are frequently used by police officers. If you are attacked, this spray can be used quickly to spray multiple blasts. The perpetrator will immediately have trouble breathing, and will experience burning skin, coughing, and watery eyes. One of the biggest advantages of this pepper spray is that it is non-lethal.

It’s easy to say that an attack can never happen to you, but the worst could happen to anyone. Whether you’re walking back from a concert, leaving work late, or even heading to your car when leaving a late night out, you may be assaulted.

Having the right self-defense accessories can make all the difference in the world when you need it most. Browse our entire collection now, and always have peace of mind wherever you are. Don’t ruin your Valentine’s Day by worrying about potential threats, when you can slip your weapon in your purse and simply enjoy your worry-free night!