Nylon Expandable Baton Carrier ~ 21″ / 26″~ Triple K #528

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Made from sturdy black nylon that will not rip or tear with an open top.
The holder will fit 21″ and 26″ batons.

Open top for easy access. ~ Belt loop attachment to allow you to keep it close. ~ Fits both 21 and 26 inch expandable batons.

As many well trained police officers and security personnel already know, an expandable baton is an extremely useful device to have on hand when it comes to effective- yet non lethal- self defense. They also know that when you are carrying a retractable baton, it is important to keep it where you can get to it quickly in case you need it.- as oftentimes situations that require a self defense product like this may become necessary in a matter of seconds.

2 oz