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The Purse Protector is a compact set of items that fits perfectly in your purse or pack, for use when YOU NEED IT..!

This kit includes one key chain 3/4oz HEATWAVE pepper spray and one 3,500,000-volt stun gun for dual protection.

The key chain OC pepper spray provides convenient protection that is always at your fingertips with an 8 to 10 feet range. The powerful 3,500,000-volt stun gun is easy to use and can that render attackers helpless, without causing permanent harm or injury, it is conveniently disguised as a Perfume case.

(1) HEATWAVE 3/4oz Purple Key Chain Pepper Spray.
(1) Perfume Protector Purple 3,500,000 Stun Gun with built in Flashlight.
(Purse Not Included).